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We sell and install Commercial Steel Doors for our business

CR Doors has been providing commercial doors to the Tampa Bay area for over 20 years and we are proud of our door installation service.

Hollow Metal Steel Doors

Hollow metal doors and frames offer a wide variety of choices in characteristics and performance: fire resistance, access, egress, security and environmental control. (Hurricane Impact, Fire Rated available for your needs.)

Properly supplied and installed, they work quite well. Using the Delta Series Daybar doors they are designed and constructed with the highest quality features. They are manufactured to SDI HMMA/NAAMM specification and come complete with the only 10 year quality warranty available in North-America.

Hollow Metal Frames for Steel Doors

The Daybar frames are manufactured to fit any size opening for specific project needs. They are available for installation in a wide range of fire rated and non fire rated applications. 16 gage universal frame has been engineered to excel in both masonry and drywall application. They can be modified from a "butt up" masonry frame to a wrap around drywall frame and can be used with commercial wood doors. In addition, Daybar's unique expandable EF Series Frames are designed to accommodate the broadest range of wall construction.

General Information for Steel Doors

Steel doors offer a number of benefits when used for outside doors, since they are resistant to shrinking, warping, sagging and rotting. A hollow metal steel door is much more capable of protecting against intrusion than a wood door. Steel is also fireproof and can prevent the spread of fire which is especially important in commercial property, hotel or condo complex. These doors are energy-efficient, providing up to 4 times the insulation factor of wood doors. Steel doors are virtually maintenance-free and are available in wood-grain textures that give a natural, wood-like appearance.

With a little maintenance to prevent corrosion, a steel door can last a lifetime. Steel doors also provide excellent storm and weather resistance due to their superior strength. A wide range of customization is available, such as vinyl coating or a pre-painted layer, giving steel doors a stylish look suitable for any property.

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