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CR Doors has been providing commercial door installations to the Tampa Bay area for over 20 years and we offer high quality hardware for this installation.

Door Closers

Popular types of door closers are Surface Mounted, Overhead concealed, and Floor Mounted. Surface Mounted Closers are the most common and the least expensive to install. Overheard Concealed Closers mounted in the header are commonly used with storefront applications.


Used with storefront aluminum doors. Non-handed Pivot Sets are perfect to new or retrofit applications.


From Continuous Hinges to Ball Bearing NRP Square and Radius Hinges, we can meet all your needs. Size 4.5 x 4.5 are typical commercial products.

Panic Exit Devices

We can supply exit devices that accommodate Rim, Concealed, and Surface Vertical Rod versions. It is suitable for use with 1-3/4 narrow, medium and wide stile aluminum, wood, or hollow metal doors.

Entry Door Lever Locks

Commercial Cylindrical and Mortise Lever and knob locks and available in all functions. Storefront has several outside trim options for all panic hardware.


Commercial Thresholds available for all your needs.


UL fire rated and non-fire rated available in many sizes for your needs.

Lite Kits

These are available in any size and can accommodate tempered or firelite (fire rated) glass. Electronic locks and accessories for metal or glass doors.


These locking mechanisms provide an extremely secure solution for securing exterior doors. Available in single cylinder and double cylinder, however double cylinder locks, which require a key to open from either side, are not recommended for most applications. Single cylinder locks provide a knob unlock the mechanism from the inside and requires the key to open from the outside.

Flush Bolts

These bolts are mounted in the door and slide up into the door jamb or down into the threshold to lock the in-active half of a double door in place.


The metal hinges attach your door to the door jamb and allow the door to swing open. Hinges are normally made from brass, steel or iron, but occasionally other metals are used depending on requirements.

Door Knobs

The part of the door handle that you use to open an unlocked door. These handles can be made from a wide variety of materials, including brass, porceling, steel, glass or iron.

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